• 5In1 Recorders

    Recorders NVR 1. Security Recorders: Security recorders, such as Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) or Network Video Recorders (NVRs), are specifically de

  • 4in1 Cameras

    4in1 Cameras

    4in1 cameras are security cameras that can work in the 4 current analog video formats: HDCVI , HDTVI , AHD and 960H (PAL analog video).

    If you have a 5in1 recorder it is capable of recognizing all formats; If you have an HDCVI or pure HDTVI recorder, it will be necessary to put the camera in the native video format of the recorder. The usual thing today is that any security video recorder that has coaxial inputs supports all existing video formats.

  • Dahua Cameras

    Dahua Cameras

    An HDCVI camera for surveillance and video surveillance works with the HDCVI video standard, developed by Dahua , the second largest security manufacturer in the world by sales volume. Currently HDCVI revision 6.0 supports resolutions up to 8MP (4K, 3840x2160 resolution).

    Although there are already many HDCVI cameras that are 4in1 cameras (we can change them to the other current video standards, HDTVI, AHD and CVBS) in this category we have all Dahua cameras even if they are 4in1.

  • Sial Cameras

    SIAL HDCVI Surveillance Camera

    Experience top-tier surveillance with the SIAL HDCVI. Our cutting-edge technology ensures seamless compatibility with HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD, and CVBS standards. With All resolutions and advanced features like motion detection and night vision, trust SIAL for unparalleled security solutions.

  • Recorders (NVR)

    NVR recorders

    We have a wide selection of security camera NVR recorders from the best brands, so that your closed circuit television system does not miss any details. You will be able to see what happens on the internet with a computer, mobile phone or tablet (IOS and Android).

    An NVR recorder is a recording equipment to work with IP cameras ; The encoding work is done in the camera itself. An NVR does not have BNC connectors to connect cameras via coaxial cable, analog cameras cannot be connected to it.

    An NVR recorder with POE ports will make the installation of IP cameras easier. The recorder itself will power the cameras through the UTP cable, and if we connect NVR and cameras from the same manufacturer the configuration will be much faster, since the system will be "plug and play".

  • IP Cameras

    Sial IP Cameras

    Sial IP Cameras is the world's number best manufacturer of video surveillance and security cameras by sales volume, and has a complete catalog of IP cameras to install in all types of conditions.

  • Wi-Fi IP Cameras

    Wi-Fi IP Cameras

    A Wi-Fi security camera is always an IP camera that can connect to the network/internet wirelessly. Most Wi-Fi IP cameras also have a wired network connection, although some models may not have that wired connection, in which case it is only possible to use them as a Wi-Fi camera.

    All the cameras available in this category are in turn within their corresponding IP camera category, but here it is easier to locate them because only the models that have Wi-Fi are filtered.

  • Storage


    A hard drive must be installed on any XVR recorder or NVR recorder to provide storage space. The only hard drives we work with are Western Digital Purple ones , designed specifically for video surveillance systems.

    A solid disk may be more suitable for those cases where the electrical consumption of our security system is of vital importance (for example, recorders that will operate on battery power), or for those video recorders that will be subjected to vibrations. It may also be interesting to use an SSD disk if we want a quieter recorder.

    Internal memory cards are ideal for those IP cameras that have the possibility of internal recording in the camera itself, which used together with an NVR recorder will allow us to make redundant recording (so that if someone sabotages or steals the recorder, we are left copy of the recording inside the camera itself).

  • Self-installable Kits
  • Wi-Fi Kits

    Wi-Fi Video Surveillance Kits

    Our Wi-Fi kits include everything necessary to carry out a small-sized video surveillance installation using Wi-Fi cameras: pre-configured Wi-Fi NVR recorder with hard drive already installed, and Wi-Fi IP cameras with their individual power supplies.

    They are kits designed for domestic or small business environments. They are shipped completely pre-configured so that it is only necessary to connect the recorder to power and the internet router, and the cameras to any available power outlet.

  • Networks
  • Equipos Auxiliares
  • Power (Alimentación)


  • Junction Boxes

    Junction boxes

    Installing a camera with its corresponding connection box allows us to obtain better finishes in a video surveillance installation . The appropriate junction box will protect the cables and connectors of our camera from weather and vandalism, and in some cases it will even serve to mount the power supply and/or video balun.

    We have all models of Hikvision connection boxes , Dahua connection boxes , and some generic models for 4in1 cameras .

  • Power
  • Optics
  • Microphones
  • Cables / Accessories
  • Tools
  • Supports


    Installing a camera with its corresponding support allows us to obtain better finishes in a video surveillance installation . The appropriate support will protect the cables and connectors of our camera from weather and vandalism, and in some cases it will even serve to mount the power supply and/or video balun.

    We have all models of Hikvision supports , Dahua supports , and some generic models for 4in1 cameras .A

  • Safes

    Vcr Safes

    A safe will protect our security recorder from tampering, theft, and access by unauthorized personnel. Its use is highly recommended in those places where the recording equipment is especially vulnerable, such as in video surveillance for parking lots or neighborhood communities.

    In these situations it is also advisable to perform redundant recording; either using IP cameras with internal memory card, or with an NVR recorder as a backup recorder in a different place.

  • Alarms


    We sell alarm systems from several brands, the star among them all being the AJAX alarm . All of them are alarm equipment without fees , and the equipment that has a degree can be connected to the ARC (Alarm Receiving Center), although the majority of people who want to install the alarm themselves is precisely to avoid paying monthly fees.

    We also have a multitude of wired elements (detectors, contacts, sirens, etc.) that can be used both in alarms with wired inputs, as well as in video surveillance recorders that have alarm inputs, or home automation systems.

  • Capacity Control

    Capacity control A capacity control system allows us to have a real-time count of how many people we have within an area controlled by people counting

  • Access Control

    Access control

    Access control is a system that prevents a person from entering a place without prior identification of some kind. Identification can be by fingerprint or facial print, or with some electronic proximity device such as a keychain or card.

  • Video intercoms

    Video intercoms

    An IP video intercom offers us the functionalities of a traditional video intercom, adding options such as remote calling to a smartphone, recording events, and being able to record our video intercom as if it were an IP camera .

    An IP video intercom will generally consist of one (or more) entrance panels and one (or more) indoor monitors. There are also video doorbells, which can work without the need for an indoor monitor, working directly against an app installed on a smartphone. There are also models with Wi-Fi, in which case it will not be necessary to install a UTP cable to each board/monitor, the elements will simply require power.

  • Screens
  • Racks y Armarios

    Un rack es un armario que nos permite tener organizados nuestros equipos de redes, informática, videovigilancia y seguridad, etc. Todos los racks que tenemos en catálogo son del standard de 19" de ancho, lo que nos permite instalar equipos de este ancho standard, así como bandejas, regletas de corriente, organizadores de cables, etc.

    Si se requiere de un lugar donde tener nuestro equipo de grabación más protegido, tenemos también cajas fuertes para poder instalar nuestros grabadores bajo llave.

  • Clearance Products
  • Discontinued Products
  • Software
  • POS
  • Service


    Our service charges €40 for one camera. We provide a reliable and top-quality camera service tailored to your needs. With our experienced team, we guarantee quality assurance and assurance of your satisfaction. Trust us for all your camera maintenance and repair needs."

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