Equipos Auxiliares

Equipos Auxiliares


  • Duplicators (splitters)

    Duplicators (splitters)

    A video duplicator (or "splitter") is a device that multiplies a video signal by x, providing a video input (it can be in different formats, PAL, CVI, TVI, HDMI, etc.) and offering a given number. of departures.

    It can be used, for example, to connect the video output of a recorder to several monitors/TVs, duplicate the signal from a camera to take it to several recorders or to a recorder and a monitor, etc.

  • Quads


    A quadrant generator (also called "quad") is a device that, taking several video signals as a source, will output a video signal with the input signals in a grid. In its simplest form, in a 2x2 format, so that we can display 4 input video signals on a single monitor.

  • Switches


    Video selector (or "switch") is a device that allows us to choose between x inputs the video signal that we want to have in a video output.

    It can be used, for example, to connect the video output of several recorders to a single monitor/TV, choose between several inputs which is what we want to display on a TV or projector, etc.

  • PTZ Controllers

    PTZ controllers

    A controller is mainly used to work on PTZ domes, so that we can manage them (movement and zoom) using the joystick of the controller, and it is also used to work on a number of recorders, decoders, video walls, etc.

  • Arrays


    A video matrix is ​​a device that has an "x" number of video inputs, and an "n" number of video outputs, and allows us to choose which of the video inputs will be displayed on each of the video outputs. video.

  • Infrared Spotlights

    Infrared spotlights

    An infrared spotlight allows us to improve the quality of a camera's night vision, or cover large areas with infrared so that several cameras have improved night vision.

    We can think of an infrared spotlight as a normal light bulb, with the difference that the infrared light is not captured by the human eye, but by a video surveillance camera.

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