Installing a camera with its corresponding support allows us to obtain better finishes in a video surveillance installation . The appropriate support will protect the cables and connectors of our camera from weather and vandalism, and in some cases it will even serve to mount the power supply and/or video balun.

We have all models of Hikvision supports , Dahua supports , and some generic models for 4in1 cameras .A



  • Hikvision Supports
  • Hikvision PTZ Mounts
  • Dahua Supports

    Dahua Supports

    We have all the supports from the Dahua manufacturer, both for Dahua IP cameras and for Dahua HDCVI cameras .

    There are supports for dome cameras, for PTZ domes and for Dahua housings. Each model uses its own depending on the diameter of the chamber.

  • Generic supports

    Generic supports

    The generic supports generally serve for any housing , all of them having a standard attachment thread.

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