A hard drive must be installed on any XVR recorder or NVR recorder to provide storage space. The only hard drives we work with are Western Digital Purple ones , designed specifically for video surveillance systems.

A solid disk may be more suitable for those cases where the electrical consumption of our security system is of vital importance (for example, recorders that will operate on battery power), or for those video recorders that will be subjected to vibrations. It may also be interesting to use an SSD disk if we want a quieter recorder.

Internal memory cards are ideal for those IP cameras that have the possibility of internal recording in the camera itself, which used together with an NVR recorder will allow us to make redundant recording (so that if someone sabotages or steals the recorder, we are left copy of the recording inside the camera itself).



  • Hard Drive

    Hard drives

    Western Digital 's Purple Series hard drives are designed for surveillance and video surveillance systems that always stay on, can operate at higher than normal temperatures, and ensure reliable, quality video playback when you need it most. They are the best choice for your security camera surveillance recorder, both for XVR recorders and NVR recorders .

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    SSD Solid Disks

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