Recorders (NVR)

NVR recorders

We have a wide selection of security camera NVR recorders from the best brands, so that your closed circuit television system does not miss any details. You will be able to see what happens on the internet with a computer, mobile phone or tablet (IOS and Android).

An NVR recorder is a recording equipment to work with IP cameras ; The encoding work is done in the camera itself. An NVR does not have BNC connectors to connect cameras via coaxial cable, analog cameras cannot be connected to it.

An NVR recorder with POE ports will make the installation of IP cameras easier. The recorder itself will power the cameras through the UTP cable, and if we connect NVR and cameras from the same manufacturer the configuration will be much faster, since the system will be "plug and play".

Recorders (NVR)


  • Dahua NVR

    Dahua NVR

    Dahua is the world's #2 manufacturer of security systems by sales volume. Sial Connections, as an official distributor of Dahua, has all Dahua products that are available for the European market.

    Dahua NVR recorders are known for their ease of use and setup. With Dahua's P2P system, connecting to a device remotely is as simple as scanning a QR code and entering the device username/password. With a slightly cheaper price, we also have the X-Security NVRs , manufactured by Dahua and completely compatible with each other at the App and software level.

  • Sial (NVR)

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