Hikvision video intercoms

As official Hikvision distributors , we have all Hikvision IP video intercom references to carry out 100% IP installations, as well as 2-wire references to update old traditional intercom systems.

With all models, high definition video, conversation, the possibility of recording, door opening, etc. are available. All functions can be used locally with a monitor, or remotely from a mobile app.



  • Hikvision kits

    Hikvision video intercom kits

    Hikvision video intercom kits include everything necessary to carry out a basic installation in a single-family home.

    They include an entrance panel , an indoor monitor , a surface or recessed box for the panel, and the POE or 2-wire switch or power supplies necessary (depending on the model) to connect the equipment, whether by cable. or via wifi.

  • Hikvision panels

    Hikvision video intercom panels

    The plate is the module that goes on the outside of the home so that they can call us on the video intercom monitor .

    There are different models of exterior panels, for single-family homes or blocks. Simple plates are usually used to call a single home. Modular panels are for larger installations in which we want to be able to call many homes, we want to use proximity key fobs, or more advanced functions.

    A panel will call an indoor monitor. Hikvision video doorbells are also available , which can work without an indoor monitor, calling directly to a mobile app.

  • Hikvision Monitors

    Hikvision Video Intercom Monitors

    The monitor of a Hikvision video intercom is the indoor unit that will receive calls from the Hikvision entrance panel .

    Depending on the monitor model, it may have additional connectivity functionalities for our video intercom. We can connect the monitor to the internet, so that when they call us we receive the calls to an app on our mobile phone and we can answer and open the door, or we can make recordings on the monitor itself, to be able to see who called us when we were not there. home.

  • Hikvision Video Doorbells

    Hikvision Video Doorbells

    A Hikvision video doorbell is a video intercom that does not require an indoor monitor to work (although depending on the model, you can also use it), so it will necessarily require an internet connection.

    When we call we will receive the notification directly in an app on our mobile phone, from which we can answer the call and open the door.

  • Hikvision Accessories

    Hikvision Video Intercom Accessories

    Hikvision video intercom accessories allow us to carry out an installation with completely professional finishes.

    Surface and recessed boxes are available for exterior panels, supports for interior monitors, modules to control a second door, and USB Mifare or RFID readers to be able to add key fobs and proximity cards to our Hikvision video intercom system.

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